I am Hungry

Donate Your Surplus Food to People Who in Need


In Taiwan,

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2.75M Tons Food Wastes

Each year, 2.75M tons of food is wasted, which could feed those poor for 20 years.

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2,000 Kids are Starving

Everyday, there are 2,000 kids can't have enough meals to feed themselves.

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5,000 Homeless People

They have no shelter, and they are starving. Some even started finding food in trash.

Here's how it works


When suplus food is founded, instead of throwing away, the person could simply press one button, then someone will pick it up.

He can set the expire date of the food, so no one will get sick caused by this food.

Step 1
Step 2


Nearby driver (a taxi driver, just a volunteer) gets notified, then delivers the food to system assigned charity.

The driver can get at least one meal for free!


Our partner charities will keep the food, and people who are in need will get benefits. They are poor children, seniors, etc.

Step 3

Join Us, Stop Hungry

I Have Food

If you runs a restaurant, or you just finished a party with suplus food. Within simple clicks, donate the food for good.

Donate Food!

I Have a Car

Help us deliver the food to those who in need, and you can get free food in the same time!

Let Me Drive!

I Support You

If you're not avaible for donating or delivering food, please donate money to our service so that we can maintain operations.

Donate My Money!

F & Q

Q: How can I know if there's a new delivery I can help on?

A: We are having a LINE group, join us to get notifications of new deliveries.

Q: What if there's no one coming to pick up the food?.

A: No worries, you can follow your old way to throw away the food if they are not coming to pick up.

Q: How can I know if the food is delivered to the right people?

A: We will ask the charities to confirm all the deliveries.


Any more questions? No problem, just ask!